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▲ Conversations with an Eagle ▲
This eagle who came into care after being tossed about by the draft of a large truck is very chatty. Some say he is expressing his gratitude while others suggest that he is bossing us around... What do you think?

Sacred Friends Inc. Wildlife Rehabilitation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; We do not charge for our services. The wild animals we rescue do not have owners to pay for their care, nor is there any state, federal, or local funding for this service. We are completely dependent on donations to pay for needed food, housing, and medication. Everything a wildlife rehabilitator does is paid completely out of their own pocket. Please help us help these animals!

We strongly advocate coexistence with wildlife and work to educate and assist the community in understanding the nature of wildlife conflicts so that humane solutions can be utilized. The majority of wildlife conflicts can be resolved by addressing the cause -- what is bringing in the wildlife? We strongly discourage trapping and relocation. Studies have shown that both methods are ineffective in addressing problems on a long-term basis, and may even result in higher wildlife populations. We teach the importance of preserving native wildlife species.

Our Mission: The purpose of Sacred Friends INC is to: (1) through “The Hawks Nest” program teach how to live with Native Wildlife, how to work with the environment rather than against it by the use of educational (non releasable) animals. (2)  Through “Seven Feathers” (Restaurant & Store) teach Native American Culture through food (meals), crafts, dance, & music and (3) through “Sacred Friend Wildlife Rehabilitation” provide care for sick, injured & orphaned wildlife.  The corporation will teach about the connection between Native Americans and Wildlife.
Our Latest News
Two Red-tailed Hawks, one the featherless wonder from Pungo and the other one had neurologic problems, will be released at 11 am , this Sunday at
EQUI-KIDS Therapeutic Riding Program
Home of EQUI-VETS Service Program
2626 Heritage Park Drive
Virginia Beach VA 23456

Yes these releases are open to the public
We would like to welcome aboard the following volunteers/members:
Barbara Hathaway
Steven Tucker
Katherine Byers
Jr Members:
Amanda Lavelle
Walker Wood
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▼ Red-shouldered Hawk physical therapy session 2-13-2013!
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