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Sacred Friends Education

Sacred Friends Inc Wildlife Rehabilitation: Animal Ambassadors

What We Do: The Animal Ambassador of Sacred Friends Inc

All of our animal ambassadors are animals that cannot be released back into the wild. We then are responsible for taking care of them and they in turn help us educate the public.

Meet Our Animal Ambassadors



Wakon is a female Red-tailed Hawk, meaning “Sacred” in Lakota.  Wakon is the most beautiful hawk.  She came to us when she was 4 months of age June 29, 2004; Sacred Friends Inc. did not exist yet.  Pearl Beamer, was just an independent Wildlife Rehabilitator.


Seth from Norfolk Animal Control brought her to us during a thunder storm.  Apparently this couple had been watching the hawk trying to cling to the limb of the tree in their yard.  She could no longer hold on and ended up on the ground huddled up next to the house.  They call Animal Control.  She was brought to us for rehab.  She was extremely emaciated.  Could not find anything else wrong with her.  She was fattened up but she still was favoring her right leg.  A bird pulls up and tucks their legs to rest it.  She would stretch it past the branch.

She was taken to E. Burian, DVM, and owner of Providence Square Vet Clinic, Wildlife Rehabilitator and Master Falconer.   Dr. Burian looked her over and took x-rays.  He came back and told us that he had some “Good” news and some “Bad” news; which do you want first?


I said the bad; thinking let’s get that over with first.  He should me on the x-rays that she had arthritis in both wings and right leg.  It was so severe that she would never survive in the wild.  But that being said the good news was that she would make one hell of Educational Bird. 


After that Vet visit I went home and talked it over with my husband.  We talked it over and decided to Co-Found Sacred Friends Inc.


June 29, 2016 she will be 12 years of age.



Luta is a male Red-tailed Hawk, meaning “Red” in Lakota.  Luta came to us from E. Burian, DVM.  He called and said “I got something for you.”  I went to his office and picked up Luta.  He already had his right wing amputated at the wrist.  (So he has 1 ¾ wings.)  He was extremely underweight.  Brought him home and started to nurse him back to health.  During this time within the first week his right leg shattered.  (Dr. Burian nor I knew that he had a small fracture in his right leg.)  He hit it just right and I was rushing him back into the Vet. 


All of his injuries were completely healed so now I had a mystery on my hands.  Where did he come from and how did he get injured in the first place?

After some searching I found out he had escaped from the wildlife rehabilitator that was caring for him.  That he came from the Eastern Shore.  He had hit a high power line while hunting.  Birds of Prey have binocular vision; which means that if are looking at something far away they don’t see anything in-between and if they are looking at something close they don’t see anything behind.


Still have not solved the mystery on how his wing got amputated.  Dr. Burian did not do it and no one else will admit to it. 


Luta went through two surgeries to get the leg straight.  It took a full year to get him completely recovered.  He was added to our Live Exhibit Permit


We know the exact age of Luta because he had a Federal ID band on him.  We reported the numbers on the band and found out that he was banded in the nest and that he was three years of age at the time he came into our care.


Luta came in two months after Wakon came into our care.  He will be 15 years of age this year, 2016.



Precious was a juvenile Peregrine Falcon. She came to us in October 2013.  She hit a fence post and it took almost 5 days to find her.  Tony Poutous, VMD (Sacred Friends Inc Vet on staff) did x-rays and found fracture of the wing and a dislocation of the elbow.  \


After a few month it was apparent that the elbow joint was never going to be completely set right.  (When there is a dislocation it need to get within 3 days to have a good chance of release.)


Precious was added to our Live Exhibit Permit.  She took to the Ambassador position immediately and wowed the public.

On June 30, 2014 Precious crossed over due to a massive hematoma to the brain.  After a necropsy nothing was found abnormal.  It is believed that when she hit the fence post; she hit it with such a force that it created blood clot that was lying and waiting.


Although she was with us for a short time she touched everyone’s heart that she came in contact with.

Mort Hibou



Mort HiBou meaning “Dead Owl” in French; is an Eastern Screech Owl.  HiBou is pronounced e-boo.  We call him HiBou for short.  He came to us with a fracture near the wrist joint. 


He was taken to Tony Poutous, VMD at Midway Veterinary Clinic.  At his first visit Melody, LVT, was monitoring his vitals and taking the x-rays.  While the owl was in her care he arrested.  Melody did CPR and brought him breathing again.

After several weeks and then a few months of rehabilitation he was declared non-releasable due to his wrist not extending completely.


We had told Melody that if he was releasable she would get to release him and if not she got to name him.  She came up with Mort HiBou.  Considering everything it is quit fitting name.


Mort HiBou has now been added to our permit.

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