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Our  Goals

Because Sacred Friends is a non-profit organization and has no employees, everything we do is only possible through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, the donations from caring individuals and businesses, and the continued support of our members. We have been so fortunate to make the incredible progress we have made, and we want to continue to turn Sacred Friends into an invaluable resource throughout both the rescue and rehabilitation community, as well as the native community through our volunteer work, our educational resources, and the incredible people who make it all possible.​

Simply being able to build Sacred Friends into what it is today was a dream come true, but we won't stop here. We have many dreams for what Sacred Friends can become, and there is always a need for dedicated volunteers like ours. We have already turned our dreams into goals, now we are turning our goals into reality, but not without you! Here are our ideas for the future of Sacred Friends, starting with what we see as the end result and finishing with specific needs and plans. 

What the future of Sacred Friends looks like to us!

Flight cages, indoor and outdoor enclosures, a medical center, an education center, a restaurant, and a Sacred Friends Rescue Vehicle with the equipment and supplies necessary for rescues and releases. Our future is a bright one! All of this is manageable, and it all starts with buying land. Once Sacred Friends has the right piece of property we can start expanding our services, one project at a time. 

The Sacred Friends Expansion Timeline

Buy Land: A piece of property is a vital step in accomplishing our goals. The right plot of land will allow us to build everything we need to create an incredible facility, one project at a time. Eventually having the resources to house and heal a variety of species, we will create opportunities to earn the money we need to pay utilities and maintain our inventory of supplies by offering resources and experiences for the public to enjoy.


Start Building Enclosures: This includes the Flight Cages, the Indoor and Outdoor Shelters, and all of the other species-specific enclosures we will need to properly house the variety of wildlife we will be rehabilitating. The enclosures will be a series of ongoing projects, starting with the necessities and continuously growing as we are more and more able to expand and take on more responsibilities.


Medical Center: This project is a big one, but will be so wonderful for the animals we take in. It can be incredibly traumatic for the animal to get sick or injured, then be scooped up and caged by an unknown human. The transportation process can be one of the most terrifying parts of the entire process, so having a Medical Center on-site will lessen the impact of the rehabilitation process by allowing us to diagnose and treat the critters without having to transport them multiple times. By lessening the stress as much as possible, the likelihood of a successful rehabilitation can only grow. 


Office Suites and Grant Writer Salary: At this point in our expansion, it will become necessary to have the office space to house the volunteers who do the veterinary work, bookkeeping, teaching, speaking, etc., as well as a full-time grant writer who will assist us in getting the funds needed to maintain our facility and to continue to expand our services to both the wildlife and our human community.


Education Center: By offering educational resources, we can build knowledge throughout the community that will help to engage people in what we do and hopefully inspire them to get more involved. The paid Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Classes will give the future rehabbers the knowledge and skills they need to get involved while helping to provide Sacred Friends with the money needed to maintain our facilities. Other paid classes will include curriculums on Native American wisdom, tradition, crafts, and foods, with tribal leaders and teachers throughout the area coming to speak.


Native American Restaurant and Boutique: Our traditional Native menu will be a delightful way for students and visitors to grab a bite to eat while learning about Native American culture. The Boutique will feature handcrafted Native art and collectibles, some created by the students of our Native Education School.







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