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What Do We Do?

What is a

Wildlife Rehabber ?

Animal Rescue in Virgina

A Wildlife Rehabilitator or Rehabber does exactly what the title implies, we rehabilitate wildlife in need. Something as simple as a broken bone can mean death to an animal in the wild because without rehabbers, there most likely won't be help for them to obtain food or shelter otherwise. 


We work closely with veterinarians, who also specialize in wildlife, to diagnose and treat these animals. We give them a comfortable place to stay that is suited to their specific needs as a species and an individual, ensuring their daily needs are met while they are in treatment. Feeding, grooming, administering medication, physical therapy, and even play are all vital parts of getting them back to health. 


Our goal is always to follow their treatment up with releasing them back in the area they were found so they can continue their lives as normal, but on the occasion that they can't be released without a serious risk of reinjury or the inaibilty to fend for themselves as before, we then must find forever homes for them.

This certainly isn't an easy task because every species has its own needs for food, shelter, and care, and the reason that is now keeping the critter from being released must also be a concern to both the rehabber and whoever takes the animal in for its new life after treatment. We are a close-knit group of individuals, families, and friends whom all work together to provide for these wild animals, but there is always so much more to be done, and so little resources. 


As rehabbers, we are continuously trying to educate others to get involved. When an animal is in trouble, simply knowing whom to call that can help can mean the difference between life and death for that animal. We are always wanting to get more people involved in the rehabilitation of these animals. Here at Sacred Friends we offer online classes and speaking events to get others to help us advocate for our Sacred Friends in any way they can. Whether they become a rehabber themselves or donate their time or services to other rehabbers, every person can make a difference. 


The more of our natural environment we, as humans, destroy for our own needs, the more desperate the situation becomes for the wildlife all around us. More chances of death and injury by automobile, more chance of starvation and loss of home due to habitat loss. We can't change our path overnight, but we can do everything in our ability to help those affected by these choices. Even if you don't have the time or ability to spend your days feeding baby raccoons a bottle every 2 hours, you can donate to places like Sacred Friends and make a huge difference with medication costs, habitat supplies, and the ability to offer them a proper diet. We are always so incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped us ensure these critters get a second chance at a life, because even the simplest gestures can have such an immense impact. 

What Does it Take to Be a Wildlife Rehabber?

Because Wildlife Rehabbers work with wildlife who have been sick or injured, we work very closely with Veterinarians to assess injuries, diagnose and treat illness, and provide temporary shelter during the healing process. This means Rehabbers must have extensive knowledge of, not just treatment guidelines, but of each and every species they rehabilitate. Every species has its own diet, shelter, and rehab requirements, so continuous education even after receiving permits and licensing is so important.

Because birds are such unique, delicate creatures which require very specialized training and knowledge, the Federal Migratory Bird Act protects most all birds and requires both Federal and State Permits when working with them. Mammals, Reptiles, and Amphibians require only a State Rehabilitator's License, but that doesn't mean that it is simple work. 


To maintain your Permits and Licensing you are required to continuously build on your education by attending Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops, all while keeping up to date on the published literature. These educational events aren't just important for gaining new knowledge in the field, but they are vital networking resources for the rescue community. 

As a community of like-minded individuals, we come together with the same goals, then leave with new resources. Some events save the lives of a critter in care because of a new, informative speaker detailing an exciting new treatment, but there are also times when a Sacred Friend is saved because there is a need for supplies that another rescuer has an abundance of. It is so important that we work together as a community for these untamed beings because none of us are much, but many of us can mean everything.  By sharing bright new ideas, much-needed supplies, and the donation of our time and resources, we are able to truly save the lives of others. 


We encourage everyone with an interest in Wildlife Rescue to do more research and, most importantly, to get involved. Whether you donate your time or funds, you can make a huge difference. By working together, can ensure these critters are never without when they are in need. The incredible amount of specialization ensures you can find a niche if you have a love for a specific animal, or you can simply become a wonderful asset as an overall rescue worker. 

Become a Rehabber!

Our Online Classes are the perfect way to gain knowledge and insight into the world of Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, and a wonderful step towards becoming part of this wonderful community of caring people trying every single day to make a difference.

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