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Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding our organization, our services or if an injured animal needs our help.

Contact: Pearl & Jimmy Beamer
Address: 6412 Natrona Ave, Norfolk, VA 23509
Phone: (H) 757-855-2922; please call between 7am - 8pm
Email Us:

Become a Member Now

Welcome to the Sacred Friends Membership Page. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the membership levels below helps us continue our work with the wildlife of Virginia!


Memberships to Sacred Friends

Memberships are for a one year period. We have different levels of yearly membership packages. If you click on the purchase membership button please make sure your donation amount is equivalent to the membership level.


Corporate Membership:   
For donations of $500-$999 we will but you on our corporate sponsor page for 6 months,  $1000.00 + for one year

Individual Membership: $25.00/year
10% off at online store

Reoccurring Monthly Donation

through paypal:
15% off at online store

Sacred Friends Corporate Sponsors

Short Term Goals
- Medical Equipment to help with diagnosing
- Flight Cage Material to build flight cage
- Sacred Friends Education Vehicle
- Rodent Supply or money for it
- Material to make indoor perches
- Increase memberships and volunteer numbers
- Permanent Grant Writer

Long Term Goals
- Raise money for Land and Obtain the property
- Raise $25000 for land
- Total funds raised $35,000
- Build education center with restaurant

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