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Three Kestrels came in just short of being completely fledged. They stayed a short while and were banded by Reese L upon release.

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Sacred Friends had two hatchling Ospreys brought to us a couple days ago. Their nest was on top of power lines and the lines went right through the nest. With help from Reese L and Crystal Matthews from the Aquarium we were able to give them new parents. Crystal is going to go back in a few days and check to see if the male accepted them like the female did.

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This male Osprey came in 6-5-2015 in the evening. Reese Lukei went out to check on the Osprey when I called him about the call. The Osprey's crop was so hard that it felt like a rock (impacted crop). It was wheezing really bad. So I went for a hail mary and used a pair of forceps and reached down into it's crop and pulled out some of the most rank fish ever. But it still was not enough to soften the crop. We waited an hour and did it two more times and left the bird alone for the night. The next morning it was still wheezing. Left the bird alone for a few more hours. Checked in on it periodically. Sometime in the afternoon the wheezing stopped. Noel (our daughter, licensed Wildlife Rehabber and board member) checked crop while I held him. The crop was completely empty. We were very happy. He was put into the flight cage. He ate two fish. He was ready for release. Reese made arrangements for release site today. Reese also banded him. He is now Purple band "PS". Noel released the Osprey; it was picture perfect.


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